For The Sleepless

‘Tis late into the night, and I cannot sleep
Why does slumber elude me so?

The sound of your voice, that within my heart I keep
Does seem, to forever grow.

Like a deafening roar, it drowns every other thought
Louder and fiercer, than any war I’ve ever heard of fought.

And in the midst of this assault, this attack on the mind
What is it, that I am mean’t to find?

A scrap of peace, an ode to love
A song to soothe the soul, or god above?

I do not know, and I cannot know
How do I know? That this is so?

Why it was the raven that told me, it was the
Great black crow
The one that came, with the clouds and rain
Bringing darkness eternal
That harbinger, of

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