To See What I See


Why must a photograph be valued less than a painting. A portrait is a portrait, and both were made by artists who had a vision. Something they saw in their mind, and they had to realise, and capture. Whatever the medium used may have been.

So, why still, do you think the painting is more valuable?! Is it because you can see the visible evidence of each brushstroke that the artist made to create the painting? Is that what makes it feel more, real? More deserving of praise and value? If only it were possible for us, the photographers, to show you the myriad shades and hues, how many angles, line and arrangements, how many adjustments to the expression of the subject we have to make, before trying to capture that perfect photo, portrait, scene, whatever it may be. But, the truth is you won’t be able to see what I see, or the options or choices that I had to go through to make my work, mine. Individual. Unique (in its own way).

You will only see the photo, and you will see the brushstrokes on the canvas. You will imagine a button being pressed, and you will imagine a person toiling away for hours, smeared with paint and an ‘artistic’ intensity.

If only I could make you see, what I see.

The Tragedy of An Ant

There was once a lonely red ant, so small and so insignificant
He pittered and pattered, on tiny ant feet
Far from any others, of his little kind
With hardly any ties, now left to bind (him).

It was not always this way, for he once was part
Of an army so large, it could swarm the entire world
If they so wished to charge!
But alas, not anymore.

The world was made of leaves and soil, of days and nights
And dawns and eves, of never ending toil
And things that were big and giant, and stupid
Or so he (sometimes) thought.

He worked with many ants (of all kinds), from all over the world
He ate and slept and worked, just as all ants do
He did all this for no reason but his being born, a tiny red ant.

As per the rules, of his simple ant life
He now had to go to the queen
To offer her food, his work and what he had done
This was how it was.

But when he entered, her majesty’s royal and antly chamber
He was overwhelmed, for never had he seen such a presence as this
So beautiful, so powerful, so commanding and so all encompassing.
Ant, was in love.

Our little ant professed his love, there and then in the presence of all
The queen looked down and smiled, he was hers and the world for him was gone
He left the royal chamber to take on the world, ready to work with a new vigour (Love)
Ready to take on burdens so large; They would have crushed the mighty clumsy gods themselves!

So he toiled and so he worked, so he pittered and pattered with ever greater force
Always rewarded by smiles and a nod; A look, from his only true love
That was all he needed.
Until one day, he entered the royal chamber.

What he saw inside would break, his little ant heart-tube
For there were others, thousands of others crawling all over her majesty – she who was but his alone!
He dropped his godly burden of love, and ran to her aid
Only to find the queen smiling, at all her other consorts
He did not understand, and so tried to save her (again, and in vain)
Only this time to be looked at with an indifference, he knew not could exist.

It was then that he, our little red ant
Left his world, nay, was sent out by a reasoning that may have been
Much too large, for his tiny scope.

And so now there he is, our heroic red ant – a hero of love
Pittering and pattering, on his tiny ant feet
Far from all others, of his little kind
Thinking of things, that should not be in his mind (for he is an ant afterall).

But he did not have much long to ponder and suffer, for there came relief in the form
Of a graceful and immense god, a shadow against the light above
A silhouette of mercy and love, a winged messiah.

And with the passing of that shadow, our little ant was gone
No longer to suffer a lonely existence, no longer a slave to life and love
For there exist no such complications, in the stomach of a dove.

Only death.

The end.

The Crystallization Of A Dream

It’s the 24th of November 2014 today. To most people it probably doesn’t mean much but for me this is the day you cemented your existence in my life. When an existence centered on an ‘I’ became one centered on a ‘we’. When one became two and two became one.

It was this very day, one whole year ago, that I decided to do one of the most insane things I have ever done. I flew into London to meet you, a random girl I started speaking to online. A girl who I had never known, never met in person, but I fell in love with anyway. And hey, not just any kind of love, I wanted to marry you. I wanted to make you mine officially in the eyes of the world, and more importantly in the eyes of Allah.

What was it about you that just made me ‘know’ that I wanted to be with you for always? Maybe your innocence? Maybe the way you just seemed so pure, so real, in a world so full of people so very full of themselves? I don’t know. I can try and answer this question a billion times, and I will probably come with a billion brilliant answers. The truth is, it was something completely intangible. We were just pushed together by forces beyond our meager understanding. The torrents of fate made us collide into one another with such tremendous force, that we didn’t have time to think, didn’t know what happened; We were just washed away in each other before we knew what happened. I was, for sure.

So yes, being swept away the way that I was, it was a year ago on this day that I landed in London, laying my eyes on your physical person for the very first time ever. And when you rushed up to me and hugged me, that was it. I finally knew I wasn’t going to be the butt of some cosmic joke. You were for real.

The rest as they say, is history? One we are writing even now.

What can I say but what I always say anyway. I love you Mrs. Khan, the Moon in my sky. I love you.

The Moon in my sky

My Mrs. Moontaha Khan ❤

That Was All That Mattered

Gazing into the deep black of the sky, I’d hoped to see
The brilliant golden glow, of some far away star
An orange Sun, to a deep blue Earth
Overwhelmed, was I

My mind was reeling, over and over
Somersaults, around, round and around
I could see no holds, no grips
I could hear no sound

Within that roiling pot, of turbulent thought
I swam, I flew, and I drowned and I fell
There was no end, and there was no beginning
Only despair, only doubt
Here after, hell.

On a tiny blue dot, somewhere, some place
In the vast nowhere, of the ever-dark black
All that mattered, was that a boy loved a girl
And, that a girl loved him back
That was all that mattered, and
That was all that mattered.

Infinite Suns in the Everdark Black

Infinite Suns in the Everdark Black

The Peninsula Hotel Burger Promotion


The Peninsula's Chicken Peri Peri Burger

The Peninsula’s Chicken Peri Peri Burger

Went to the Peninsula Burger Promotion today and had the Peri Peri Chicken Burger. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera on me today so I couldn’t take a proper photo for you guys.

However, overall, I would rate the burger at 8.5/10.

Even though there seem to be quite a few negative reviews on Chittagong Foodies today, I don’t think that those people are being fair. Nor do they really understand what a good burger is all about (No offense).

The meat was cooked to perfection, and the flavours were quite subtle yet definitely there. The sheer quantity of the meat was also something that won me over, since I’ve got a pretty big soft corner for that kind of thing. Cheese and meat for the win.

The chicken was a little bit on the spicy side? But hey it was supposed to be peri peri after all. 🙂

Lastly I had the Cream Caramel for dessert and it was absolutely wonderful. Probably definitely the best I’ve had in Chittagong if not ever. Loved the Chocolate sauce topping, it went perfectly with the texture and sweetness of the pudding. I’m going to go and give that a 9/10.

My wife ordered the Peanut butter and Oreo tart dish (right at the top of the dessert menu), and that was beautiful as well. I tried some from her, although I’ll tell you now, I could easily have had the whole thing. The ice cream, the peanut butter and the oreo base. The oreo base was not overly sweet and had a strong chocolatey (slightly bitter) taste, that definitely balanced the lovely sweetness of the peanut butter concoction on top and the vanilla ice cream. Perfect is all I’m going to say.

Once again, I’m going to go and give that one a 9/10.

That’s all from me for today folks. Happy eating. Hope my reviews help you guys to make slightly better choices, on where to eat and what to order.

Much love.

Merged Existence

I’m not sure, if it was the way you spoke
That first time around on the phone, when you
Spoke so fast, so flustered
I could hear the laughter, and excitement
Bubbling with every word uttered

I’m not sure, if it was the way you ran
Straight into my arms, the arms of a stranger
A man you just met, but felt you had to know
And buried your face in my chest
Your fragrant hair, overwhelming my sense of smell
Filling my mind with your mesmerizing scent

I’m not sure, if it was the way you held on to my hand
Long after our embrace ended, and you smiled shyly up at me
With eyes that could inspire, countless generations of poets to write
Poetry far better, than I could ever write
Artists whose brushstrokes would always try, but never manage
To mimic those graceful flowing lines

I’m not sure, if I was ever sure
Of anything at all
But from the moment, I realized your existence
My existence, became you.

To Become One

To Become One









Photo Courtesy: Reminiscence Photography

To see more photos, and other great shots check out their blog at


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